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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 on ktvu channel 2. a bystander shot and kill in broad daylight at' bart station. now police are looking for up to seven suspects involved inn apparent gunbattle at busy train station. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. >> desperate to track down the numerous people involve, bart released more deals about today's deadly shooting at the bay fair station in san leandro. during a news conference officials reveal in a teenager is in
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custody and that that shooting stemmed from a feud between two groups. ktvu's jade hernandez is live in san leandro, where she talked to several witnesses about the chaotic scene. >> reporter: we do know that a 16-year-old teenage boy has been arrested and investigators say two groups with each three to four people met here, argued and then a shootout erupted. police say an innocent bystander died. this taxi driver intelligent up safe giving us his name, but described for us what he heard moments after shots rang out at the bay fair bart station. >> boom, boom, boom, boom, and then i said that is shootings. so i see three young guys crossing the street. trying to get away. so i jumped in my car and went around to the other side of the street and then try tried to
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identify where they were going. >> reporter: the taxi driver said the man tried to hail a cab, but they did not stop. down on the ground, the body of one 40-year-old man. a young girl was taken to the hospital. >> they were in the bus area and we don't know if they were traveling together. >> reporter: during the bay fair station shut down trains continued to run through without stopping as deputies review video from surveillance cameras. >> we're hoping there is useful video to get more information. >> reporter: after nearly stephen hours the station re-opened. >> i don't feel safe. you know you never know. right now these day and times, you have to be careful. >> on the weekends i don't feel particularly safe. there is not as many trains or typically as many people on bart. typically on the workdays i feel safer because it's the working commuters around.
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>> reporter: ac transit did set up a bus bridge to get stranded riders to the next station during the station shut down. investigators say they are still interviewing witnesses and reviewing video and looking for up to seven additional shooters. reporting live in san leandroo, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that claimed the life of a 26-year- old man. police say around 5:30, the driver was struck by at least one bullet and crashed. the driver was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. the shooter remains at-large. police are asking anyone with any information on the shoot shooting to contact them. the vallejo police say a string of events led them tie woman who claims she was kidnapped at gunpoint in oakland and then forced into prostitution by a vallejo couple. police say 31-year-old james
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thomas and his girlfriend seen here, 20-year-old xavieria laney are being healed on suspiction of king county forcible kidnapping and forcible pimping. witnesses say thomas left the scene in a white mustang and he was later located at a home on kentucky street and at that home an adult woman said she had been kidnapped and forced into prostitution. a water-main break caused troubles in san leandroo. the breaker was first reported around 4:20 this afternoon. san leandro police had to shut down the road. the road was reed about two hours later the one worker told ktvu they opened up a nearby fire hydrant to reduce the force of water at break. no word on when crews might be able to repair all of that damage. new developments tonight in the sexual assault case against 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree.
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a lawyer for the player issued a statement today. crabtree's attorney says his client was interviewed by san francisco police and "michael fully cooperated with inspectors and will continue to do so throughout the investigation. >> the 25-year-old crabtree is accused of assaulting a woman at a san francisco hotel last sunday morning after the 49ers playoff win over the packers. meanwhile excitement is building for tomorrow's big nfc championship game between the 49ers and atlanta falcons. here is a live look at san francisco city hall. it's all the lilt up in red and gold in honor of the niner's playoff run. joe fonzi is in atlanta, but we again with debora villalon live in san francisco. debora. >> reporter: ken, on the eve of this crucial game, fans are following their own playbooks and getting ready. we caught up with grace gonzalez at her neighborhood grocery store, no interference, shopping for her party tomorrow, hitting beers and sodas first a few dozen friends coming over.
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>> that is what we did last week. it's it's part 2. >> reporter: what to serve for a noon game? punt cake, a bunt cakes are popular. >> the first time we sold the cinnamon swirl and that is a great breakfast kind of cake. you can have cake at noon. it's allowed. >> we have napkins. >> reporter: party stores are having trouble with coverage. 49er's decor is gone as soon as it goes on the shelves. this manager is a die-hard fan and like his shoppers, doesn't want the air to go out of the niners dream. >> a lot of people talk about their parties. it's the big game, the 49ers against the falcons. it's going to be a equally good game. >> reporter: such a nerve wrecking game. this fan will keep it small. >> we just want to watch it with a few of us. >> some fans will be watching
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on new big-screens. at one store 20 tvs sold to fans who said they needed their tds in hd. >> it's one of those just little pushes that get people to say all right, fine. i'll do it. >> reporter: as grace gonzalez rushes getting ready for her game day she is thinking super bowl and how she was 14 back in 1995. >> i remember being a real part of that and being older, it would be exciting. >> reporter: 1995 the last time the 49ers won the super bowl. look live at city hall. if these lights are still glowing tomorrow night, we'll know they are going again. live in san francisco, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. let's hope so, deb. 49 fever is also heating up the deep south. ktvu's joe fonzi is with the
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team in atlanta, where he found a possible kaepernick twin. >> only stadium workers at the george dome today, putting finishing touches on the field that tomorrow will be the site of the nfc championship game. >> outside in places where you would expect to find falcon fans it was either quiet or in the case of centennial olympic park, more populated by 49er fans. >> reporter: getting any grief walking around town? >> no, we're seeing a ton of 49er fans, it's crazy, there are more 49 fans than atlanta fans. >> reporter: where are you seeing them income statement everywhere. >> everybody has been talking about the dome and how loud it's going to be, but i think they will be surprised tomorrow when they hear the 49er fans just as loud, if not louder than the georgia fans. >> who do people tell you look like? >> kaepernick, i get that a lot. >> reporter: when did you realize that? >> ever since he started. >> reporter: i bet you get lots of double takes. >> sometimes. sometimes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i swear i expect to see a no. 7 on you. [ laughter ] >> whether or not the 49er
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make their sixth super bowl appearance will be determined tomorrow, but one thing we know for sure, 49 fans travel well. at the georgia dome in atlanta, joe fonzi, ktvu channel 2 news. told you he looked an awful lot like colinment we'll hear from the players themselves' they get ready for tomorrow's big match up and be sure to stay with ktvu's game day coverage beginning with miles per hourings on 2. that is followed by championship play back and championship chase. fox picks up coverage at 11:00 a.m. for kickoff set for just after noon. our "point after" show after as right after the game. there were tense moments for several surfers and their rescuers near san francisco's ocean beach as ktvu's patti lee tells us that the power of the ocean almost overwhelm surfers. >> reporter: rescue crews from the coast
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guard and san francisco fire department searched for a group of surfers reported missing around 12:pothis :30 this afternoon. the surfers had been catching waves when they got into trouble. >> i noticed the helicopters, the coast guard, the ambulance and firefighters. so it looked like there was somebody in distress. >> reporter: this is cell phone video shot by a surfer taking a break on the beach this afternoon of the coast guard tells us its helicopter crew was moving in to pull one surfer out of water. but he made it to shore on his own. >> we had visual on them earlier on. there was some confusing as to whether three or four of the surfers have been successfully brought to be beach. >> reporter: with three of the four surfers unaccounted for, coast guard crew members started to ask other riders in the water for their help. they also asked them to head in for their own safety. >> for to us put our surf rescue swimmers into that situation is only going to add to the trouble. >> reporter: by 2:00 the four surfers
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reported missing had been found safe and unharmed onshore. warnings about high surf can have the opposite affect on some riders and today a handful of surfers were nearly dragged away about rip currents, created by the very waves they were chasing. in san francisco, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and meteorologist mark tamayo joins us to tell us about the high-surf advisory and even bigger waves are expectedder to. >> that is right, heather. a lot of people heading into the coast. here is a look at buoy reports. they have been on the rise, 6- 9' and as we expand the view, you will notice this, with the brier color these indicate the increasing swells out here in the pacific. in fact, i will just take a look at this. you can see waves around 9'. look at what happens way to the west. that bigger surf is approaching the bay area shoreline for tomorrow and as a result high-
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surf advisory remains in place until 4:00 sunday afternoon with that building swell into basically started to bold a little last night, but really today and also into sunday. so just be extra careful if you are visiting the bay area shoreline tomorrow and into monday. also perfect timing for the maverick surf contest. the energy is focused and as a result the wave are amplified. as far as the weather conditions for tomorrow it's going to be another nice one and more on that coming up in a few minute. thank you mark. this afternoon surfers were busy testing the waters on the san mateo coast for tomorrow's maverick surf contest. they say the conditions could be dangerous for casual beach- goers are absolutely perfect for big-wave surfers. they are ready with rescue kuenz standby in
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ers on standby. >> we have our program dialed in and a month ago we went to oahu for safety training so i think we're pretty much on top of it. >> two big wave surfers have died at mavericks in 1994 and in 2011, though not in the actual competition. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the maverick invitational. news chopper it 2 will be lover over the contest. you can watch the competition on-line at or mobile ktvu. three days of festivities kick off in washington, d.c. and how president obama and vice president biden geared q x
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. ♪[ music ] >> some of the stars of "glee" were rocking out tonight as part of the celebration of president obama's second inaugural. the first lady michelle obama and second lady jill biden hosted tonight's concert for children of military families including usher and katy perry. while washington geared up for the inuation the president and vice president took part in the national day
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of service in celebration of martin luther king, jr. day. here is a live picture of the u.s. capitol in washington. everything is quiet now, but as andy rose reports, washington, d.c. today was filled with activity and a lot of familiar faces. >> reporter: president obama started the day with painting shelves as part of his project for the national day of service. >> this is what america is about. this is what we celebrate. this inauguration is a symbol of how our democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power. but it should also be an affirmation that we're all in this together. the national day of service coincides with martin luther king, jr. day, the federal holiday honoring the late civil rights leader. the vice president and his wife got to work at the national
11:49 pm
guard armory, filling care gifts for deployed troops. biden called the day a family affair. >> i want to thank you for believing as deeply as i do and my family does about the possibilities of making things better in this country. >> reporter: a celebration at the national mall featured celebrity guests eva longoria. chelsea clinton is the honorary chair. >> when he signed the bill he reminded us of what dr. king often called life's most persistent and urgent questions, what are you doing for others? >> reporter: andy rose, ktvu channel 2 news. there are some familiar faces from california in washington, d.c. tonight for the inaugural festivities this weekend. hundreds packed the ballroom in
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the washington court hotel for the golden state inaugural bash. nancy pelosi says she is not only proud of the president's election. >> woman, minorities, lgbt communie up a majority of the house democrats. that is quite a remarkable thing. >> pelosi says she is hopeful that the house will come together with moderate republicans working with democrats. the mayors of san francisco, san josi and oakland are all in town for the inauguration. mayors ed lee, chuck reed and jean quan are just a handful of the politicians from california braving that east coast chill for the big festivities. ktvus a ken pritchel and torrey campbell will have live reports beginning tomorrow morning and through inauguration day on monday. president obama use his weekly address to pish his plan for tougher gun controls. >> we have a strong tradition of gun ownership in this
11:51 pm
country and the vast majority of gun owners act responsibly, but i also believe most gun owners agree that we can respect the 2nd amendment while keeping an irresponsible lawbreaking few from causing harm on a massive scale. >> on tuesday the president made a series of proposals and signed 23 executive orders that beefed up existing gun control law. the fierce senate hearings on the president's proposals are schedule for the end month. there were separate shoots at gun shows across the nation today. in raleigh, north carolina, police say three people were injured when a shotgun accidentally fired. the owner brought it to the gown show to sell and didn't unload it. in minneapolis a man shot himself in the hand. and in medina, ohio a gun dealer found the he was checking out was loaded when he pulled the trigger and discharged. it wounded a bystander in the
11:52 pm
arm and leg. those shootings came as hundreds of gun right activists took part in rallies at capitols today. >> today's event was one of several progun protests nationwide. many of the activists today said the proposed bans on some assault weapons and high capacity clips are just another way for the government to chip away at the 2nd amendment. today was declared gun appreciation day by the group guns across america and urged gun owners to go to gun stores and ranges to accepted a message to congress and president obama. we called several bay area gun stores and none of them said they were taking part in gun appreciation day. new at 10:00 the lake county sheriff's office released surveillance video tonight as part of a homicide investigation. authorities say the man in this video is wanted in connection
11:53 pm
with the killing last night of an employee at the the mart in kelseyville. police have offered a $10,000 eward for information in this case. fire crews today quickly put out a brush fire at a san francisco homeless encampment near 48th avenue and balboa street. fire official say at one point flame were two stories high. no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. a big rig crash and fuel spell shot off central avenue in richmond today. that big-rig driver was hospitalized, but with minor injuries. rig blocked the central avenue off-ramp to el cerrito. hazmat crews cleaned up 100
11:54 pm
gallons of diesel before the ramp was re-opened this afternoon. a hayward man is behind bars accused of seriously injuring a woman in a hit-and- run accident while he was driving under the influence in a car stolen during a car-jack. vasquez hit the woman on payran street and then drove off. officers say the front license plate fell off velasquez's car and that is how they knew it had been stolen. about an hour and a half later, after that accident, he was spotted driving in downtown petaluma and arrested. police say the woman suffered serious, but non-life- threatening injuries. walnut creek creek owner of the vice lounge asked city officials the order to roll back the last- call time. that decision came last october following self arrests and
11:55 pm
fights in the bar. the bar's owner says the earlier closing time ways fatal blow to the business and he is since closed down. that hostage crisis in algeria comes to a violence end. the horror that survivors witnessed. plus take a look as a man pulls a gun on a politician and this is on live television. how the lawmaker managed to walkway unharmed. and the new pilot program the u.s. marine corps is launching to help combat stress both in the field and at home. a nice
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. tonight in algeria the search continues for islamic
11:58 pm
militants at a natural gas complex hours after algerian special forces launched a final assault on that facility. ending the four-day hostage situation. now this is amateur video reportedly showing survivors leaving the complex, watching past the dead in the sahara desert there. are reports up to 7 host yams were killed today. algerian officials say in all at least 23 hostages including one american along with 32 kidnappers died. two other americans were found safe. >> this information still remains sketchy. we know that lives have been lost. and i pledge to continue or close consultation on this issue until the crisis is finally ended. >> radicallic islamists linked to al-qaida holding these hostages of the algerians say they launched military assault after the militant islamic kidnaps he set fire to part of the complex yesterday and either militants
11:59 pm
blew themselves up. in other news of the world some shocking video from bulgaria a 25-year-old man point a gun at the lawmaker. the bcs reports that the assailant tried to fire two shots, but the gun apparently misfired. investigators say the gunman's motive is not known. in southeastern australia cooler weather brought relief to firefighters trying to douse more than 120 wildfires. an 80-year-old man died yesterday in a burned-out car in the state of victoria. he is tout to be the first person killed in the hundreds of wildfires that have been burning across australia. in france there is concern that airlines may have to reduce their flights in and out of paris by as much as 40% due to the snow. snow is a rarity in the city, but it started falling last night as the winter cold snap swept through many parts of
12:00 am
europe. while it may have looked beautiful, the authorities say the snow was a factor in at least two fatal accident. the question is being raised how high-speed rail will be inspected. and rushing to complete this complex in koi??çóñk?wç
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12:02 am
. on this national day of service, volunteers are work on a massive housing project on the peninsula. in fact, as ktvu's alex savidge reports it's the largest project of its kind in the world. >> reporter: construction got underway early this morning, as habitat for
12:03 am
humanity volunteers in hardhats fanned out throughout the complex in daly city, everybody pitching in as parts of national day of service. >> we're really looking forward to coming to the and fine finding a way to contribute. >> reporter: the complex will provide affordable housing for bay area families, but those chosen families do have to put in some work. >> our model is base on a hand up, not a handout. so our homers volunteer and they are helping to boil the home that they will live in. >> reporter: it's actually the largest habitat for humanity project in the world. rob alvarado, who was working on the roof today was here when construction first started and came back for this national day of service. >> i just feel like, if in your life, you had a lot of opportunities, and you have had
12:04 am
success and you just feel fortunate, you should crotout and help other people that need that same opportunity. >> reporter: as you can see a lot of these units still have a long way to go, but today is parts of a last-minute push to get this project completed. habitat for humanity is hoping to have all the families moved into the condo units by april. in tally ciscoe alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. another national day of service program in san francisco aimed at getting warm blankets in a the hands of homeless people. volunteers were outside of san francisco's city hall as folks dropped off blankets and jackets which were quickly turned around and given to homeless people. the mayor corpuscle is starting a pilot project this week that will integrate mindfulness fluxes its training program at camp pendleton. trainers are
12:05 am
looking to see if it help them reset their nervous systems after combat. >> a union representing state engineers is raising questions about who will inspect the work of the first intersection of california's high-speed rail? current plans calls for whoever lands the contact to also hire the inspectors. the inspectors will report to the rail authority, but engineer's union says there could be a conflict of interest and independent inspectors are needed. . sad news, bargain wine lovers mourning the loss of two buck chuck. the shaw brand will still be sold, but for $2.49. this week's price increase is the first hike in 11 years. it's really cheap, you know? at least it's under $3. it's still good for college students. >> why do you buy it is in the
12:06 am
same reason everybody buys it, it's inexpressive and it's decent. >> officials are the trader joe's grocery chain says it sells about 5 million bottles of wine each year and had to increase the price to keep up with production costs. >> one of the most recognizable faces seen in outer-space. what mona lisa has do with nasa's plan to replace radio waves a way to communicate with astronauts. temperatures warming up across the bay area and our meteorologist mark tamayo comes up next with whether the mild weather will linger for your holiday weekend? well, well, well.
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outside, tea a look at this gorgeous sunset this evening from california's ocean beach of but no bonfires allowed tonight. air quality managers have called another spare the air advisory today. so you know what that means, no wood-burning in fireplaces or outdoors. got a couple ktvu facebook sunset pictures to show, which is kind of fun of mark a nice day out there. is it going to stick around. after the donald starts, temperatures recovering nicely and good news it will stick around, ken. temperatures today, 60s and even a few spots around 70 degrees. >> wow. >> warmed up nicely after 20s and 30s this early saturday morning. you can see the sunset. we'll have a sunset picture contest. out towards the bay, the nice batch of high clouds moving into the region into the evening hours. that was after a very warm afternoon. 60s to right round 70 in oakland. san josi 64 and livermore, 60 degrees. here we go on live stormtracker
12:10 am
2, partly cloudy skies across the bay area, but still a quiet weather pattern remains in place. napa, 40 degrees and santa rosa currently in the 30s. downtown san francisco, there is that 53. san josi in the upper 40s at 47. forecast headlines for tonight, mostly clear skies for sunday and monday. it will be mild for the afternoon hours. we do bring many more clouds by midweek and a dropoff in temperatures. fairfield 28 degrees, santa rosa 29, san josi in the upper 30s, 37. you have to watch out for some patchy fog in the inland valleys for your sunday morning. here we go with the temperature forecast models showing upper 20, 30s and 40s, look at what happened into the afternoon
12:11 am
hours. will you see a nice recovery back into the 60s across most of the region. so here is the key headline, it will be warm for your sunday and monday as high pressure remains firmly in control of our weather. offshores winds have been picking up, could be around 15 miles per hour for tomorrow afternoon. there is the range:as far as mavericks the companies for tomorrow metro big contest, pick set up, 15-20. a little bit of a breeze. dropping tides, so ideal tide conditions and lots of sunshine. temperatures approaching the mid- 60s at half moon bay. those forecast highs not a big change from the levels this afternoon. 65 in san francisco. san josi 66 and livermore 62 degrees. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view, and not too much change for your monday. and then tuesday, we're going to thicken up the cloud cover, especially by late in the
12:12 am
afternoon and the clouds could produce a few sprinkles into wednesday. we'll have to keep an eye on that. it would be great to a football game in the bay area. we'll just have to watch it on tv. us that. nasa engineers say they used the image of one of the most recognizable paints on earth to testify a new form of deep-space technology. they used a laser to send a digital representation of mona lisa, the first step towards a system that could replace radio waves as a way to communicate with spacing missions. >> pretty cool. coming up, more from atlanta. the 49ers now just a little more than 12 hours away from kickover. ?v
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12:15 am
. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. you know golden state has been scuffling lately and the hornets have been creating abuzz. lee sat out the game in new orleans tonight with an ankle sprain. the bench will fill in the gaps. veteran richard jefferson, excuse me while i kiss the ski, warriors jump tout to 10-point lead thanks in great part to klay thompson. watch this passing, 1, 2, 3, thompson with 24 of his game- high 29 in the first half.
12:16 am
anderson made two 3's tonight, but this gives them the 4-point lead. steph curry scores 20 and this 3-ball gives the warriors the lead with 5 minutes to go. former hornet jarrett jack scores 7 of his 1225 in the final minute of the game and golden state wins it to snap their three-game losing streak. this season they have won 24 times in just 39 game. they will host the first place l.a. clippers monday afternoon. stanford and cal men's basketball teams seemed destined for immediate mediocrity. but not when they face each other. crabbe scores 14 points today. stanford led byat halftime. they never trailed in the
12:17 am
second half. randle for two of his 15 points. watch them out back to josh huestis. huestis make it's a 10-point game and that is the final manager. 69-59. cal doesn't get a chance for revenge until march 6. >> st. mary's made a trip to the rose city, where a victory by any other name is a victory. portland pilots sent to the woodshed. alley-oop :gaels win big, 60-38. they are 4-1 in the wcc. roosevelt jens steals theip bound pass and jones hits the
12:18 am
the game winner, they upset gonzaga. . and yippie, the ucsf dons shoot 33% from the field and managed to put a 14-1 run in. this was the battle of salad dwellers. avery holmes, yes, usf wins. both teams 1-5. santa clara beats the waves to get back to 3-3 in the conference standings. san josi state supposeds two players for violation of team policy and go down to new mexico and lose. in the north-south college game they should have new assistants. greg olson becomes the raiders fourth different offensive coordinator in four years he
12:19 am
was in jacksonville and then tampa bay as the bucs offensive coordinator. his job make darren mcfadden a 1200-yard rusher. they also hired bobby april, as special teams coach. well we're just about 13 hours away from the kickoff of the nfc championship game and our own joe fonzi is already in atlanta, where he says the 49ers consider this a business trip. >> reporter: for the 49ers tomorrow is a chance to take care of unfinished business. they started the season with the goal to returning to the nfc championship game, but this time making it all the way to the super bowl. >> i think everybody really knows what to expect. i think everybody is very, very focused. we kind of realize that we just have to play 49er football as we have all season. we don't have to go outside of ourselves and do anything crazy, just play the way we have been all year and the execution that we have and carry last week's game into
12:20 am
this week's game and everything will be fine. >> i feel like it's home for us. it's nothing new for us. media attention, the fans, a lot of people in the stadium, that shouldn't be new to us. we have to shut their crowd town and make it a home-game. >> reporter: the falcons won't make the same mistake when it comes to the quarterback who has gained the confidence of his teammates by the week. >> kaepernick did a great job last week. is he big, he is strong. he is fast. and they got that. you have to look out for him, you know? so hopefully, they keep looking out for him and 21 will keep getting the ball and do what he did last week. >> reporter: the 49ers have been a good road team all year against some elite quarterbacks of they will need to do that one more time to make it to super bowl xlvii.
12:21 am
in atlanta i'm joe fonzi for sportswrap. and why not enjoy breakfast and brunch with us at ktvu 2 tomorrow? have your wheaties while watching our live pregame show and hot wings at noon for the kickoff. and then make grill a little ç9
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[ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! . imagine shooting the under par after 54 holes and still missing the cut? that is exactly what happened to the pga golfers this week in
12:25 am
la quinta. big horn sheep get a bird's-eye view of this humana challenge. they played three different coud the arnold palmer course. check out the tee shoot, shooting 6 under 66. he is 11 back of the leader. there are five guys playing tied for second place and one is stewart cink, who is within one shot of the liter, but scott stalls 9 under 63, the pga west nicklaus with the 5- shot leaded heading into sunday's final round. baseball lost a couple of legends including the messenger who put the bite in sound byte. >> i will knock you right in your nose. >> in 17 years as the baltimore oriole's manager earl weaver was ejected from games
12:26 am
94 time, but also won four minor league pennants and a world series. he once said he wanted epitaph to read, "the sorest loser who ever lived ." stan musial spent his entire seasons with the calendars. during the '40s was the national league mvp three times and earned three world series rings and won the battling title seven times. he was so beloved by the cardinals that they put two stattas in front of busch stadium. long time san francisco state university football coach vic rowen passed way. he was an innotator who used a west coast style offense long before bill walsh turned into a successful nfl system. they won titles in the '60, but he was known for grooming
12:27 am
coaches like super bowl coach mike holmgren and dirk koetter and andy reid. vic rowen, dead at age 93. >> the national hockey league has a weird sense of timing after a three-month lockout they decided to schedule the san josi sharkses season-opener sunday at 3:00 p.m., during the nfc championship game. and reports out of montreal show that the sharks are talking to scott gomez and an over was presented to the 33- year-old forward. gomez scored two goals in 38 games with the canadiens who waived him earlier this week. >> kings barely had time to raise the banner before blackhawks bashed them for five goals. jonathan quick stops it and there is gase with the putback.
12:28 am
>> and maria sharapova reached the australian quarter finals in straight sets. maria is the first woman in australian open history to lose five games in the first four matches. and four-time australian champion roger federer needed four sets to beat beat bernard. >> warriors win in new orleans and end their 3-game losing streak. do we really headed to to remind you on the nfc championship game. kickoff sat 12:0 and it's the only place you will see the game, ktvu. >> notice you are in the dome. >> they still have to play the game and we can talk about it all we want, but it all happens tomorrow. >> you know what? they are favored by 4.5 and i
12:29 am
think they will win by more than their point spread. i think kaepernick is for real and i think if they try to stop them as frank gore was talking about, they will have to deal with no. 21, frank gore. i think they will keep the ball on the ground and this colin kaepernick, this guy can throw darts as well. i don't think the atlanta falcons can score enough against a very, very, very good 49ers defense. >> i don't care battle noise. about the noise. i think all of that is going to happen and i feel comfortable about it. of course i haven't been hit by a football in a long time. >> it hurts probably still. >> thank you, fred. >> that is our report for tonight. thank you so much for trusting

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